In this section of the docs, we shall discuss the Accept Terms feature and its different iteration and also speak about the DropERC721 and DropERC1155 contracts that are deployed through Aspen and the benefits they offer.

The Power of Accept Terms

Aspen's accept terms feature is the practical application of the future that Aspen has envisioned for all digital creators. A world where artists' legal rights are held and bound as securely as they are offline. Our vision is to be the ultimate NFT platform where your collections are safe, secure, and legal, so it only makes sense that we speak about the terms collectors, creators, and developers alike have to follow to make this happen.

Three endpoints power this module: uploading the user terms files with the upload user terms file, checking if the user has accepted terms with the check if user has signed terms endpoint and toggling the feature on and off with enable/disable accept terms endpoint. Let's look at these individually.

Uploading the User Terms

Uploading the user terms file is a natural first step to powering this module.

Building the upload user terms file endpoint requires the value of the key id as collected from the response of thecreate collection endpoint. It also requires a file that houses the legal document that must be signed before the tokens from the collection can be minted and collected.

This is what a sample request looks like

    "id": 1221

The user terms agreement is hosted at IPFS, a decentralized storage system, and in the return JSON, we are given a key-value pair with the hash needed to use the data stored.

User Signed Terms

Up next, we check if the user has signed the terms for collecting the token. A GET request drives this to the check if user has signed terms endpoint where the id is an integer that is the collectionId, and address is the wallet address

This is what a sample request looks like

  "id": 1221,
  "address": 0xd57f4c5152036b55cB88802d9d8f99332F6555E,

Toggle Accept Terms

Finally, we have the POST request to the Enable/Disable Accept Terms feature endpoint. This endpoint simply checks toggles the feature on and off. That all!


Distribution Patterns are Easier

Aspen supports the DropERC721, and the DropERC1155 contacts. What those mean for developers is that we can create a highly customizable distribution pattern for collections and tokens as they move from creators to collectors. We shall be doing in-depth on this later in the docs.