Managing a Collection

Collections can be updated once created in the database. Once deployed, however, certain fields are not modifiable anymore.

In order to update a Collection we use the JSON Patch endpoint Collection/{id}. Currently, the only fields that can be modified once the collection has been deployed are:

  • /Visibility - Which controls whether the collection is in PreReveal or Revealed state.
  • /RoyaltyPercentage
  • /FileSource - Which can be Web2 or Ipfs. The latter will expose contractURI and tokenURI links through the IPFS protocol, while the former will use a Web2 HTTPS gateway.

Remember that, in order to see the effects on chain, you'll need to /resync.

curl --request PATCH \
  --header 'Content-Type: application/json-patch+json' \
  --data '[
      "path": "/Visibility",
      "op": "add",
      "value": "Revealed"

A standard request to change the collection visibility from PreReveal to Revealed would look something like this (plus base URL and Authorization). Do remember that the Content-Type for this request must be application/json-patch+json.