Aspen's publishing APIs provide an easy-to-use, one-stop solution for creating NFTs the fast and easy way. We envision a world where the power, strength, and utility of the blockchain are brought to the fore while allowing for a better, more robust UX. One that doesn't provide a barrier for entry, but welcomes all to try their hands at the technology of the future, while being comfortable with the present.

In this part of the docs, we shall explore the lifecycle of minting, deploying, and distributing a collection on Aspen. We expect that after you're done with this part, the code samples inside and the API reference attached, you should have a good idea about the lifecycle of building with Aspen. Speaking of a lifecycle, here is the process of using our APIs to build.

  • Create Collection
  • Create Tokens
  • Upload Terms
  • Upload Token
  • Upload Attributes
  • Deploy the collection content
  • Mint the Collection
  • Distribution