Distributing a Collection


If a collection has been minted, deployed and minted a collection, up next is distribution.


Distribution on Aspen has Evolved

Just like minting, distribution on Aspen has evolved from one stage to the other. We are proud to offer premint, which is essentially minting a collection on Aspen and then keeping the tokens inside our wallets till a collector comes for purchase. Today, as powered by lazy minting, we are even prouder to offer live-minting - where the minting happens only at purchase. More on this below

Live Mint

We define Live Minting as a distribution process powered by our drop contracts. These contracts allow for gas optimizations and cost savings by collectors and the collection by defining the metadata/image in a system like IPFS but not truly minting them till purchase.


As the creator, you can set the phases you want your Tokens to be distributed through. Many developers have found success with a whitelist/allowlist phase, a public mint phase, and a specially curated phase where the creator can allow for free purchase to unique wallets. We power these phases with the Phases feature


Aspen is at the bleeding edge of innovation and as such is rapidly testing and iterating over functionality. This feature is available onchain with a deployed contract and we are rapidly shipping the endpoints that serve this without the web3 complexity

Claim Conditions

Just before purchase happens, a wallet has to fulfill claim conditions. This just means that they confirm that their wallet address meets the criteria included in the current claim phase. After getting the proof, an onchain function called Claim is called,