Setup a Collection

Mint and distribute a collection with the full power of Aspen all the way


This section of the docs will deal with the beginning of creating a collection and powering it on Aspen.

In the first subsection, we'll deal with choosing the blockchain network you want to mint and deploy your collection on, how many files per NFT the creator can have, some history and the benefits and the differences between the ethereum standards of ERC-721 and ERC-1155.

The second subsection shall deal with everything that happens after.

We'll deal with a small primer on our iteration of the drop contracts and what this means for distributing and finally, one of our proudest modules - the Accept Terms feature.

We shall also talk about phases and how Aspen allows a creator to sell their tokens at the time they want to, at different prices and at different levels. We shall also talk about how the claim function works and finally about placing power in the hands of collectors with Lazy Minting. We're pumped to bring all of this innovation to you. Please, dive in.